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World Leading Industrial Hose Brands Distributed by Gamma Hose

TrelleborgTrelleborg Industrial Hose, with its experience andWorld leading brands distributed by Gamma Hose know-how, gives you the most extensive industrial hose range on the market. They are in permanent contact with customers to define the particular working requirements for their hoses. For each hose and each application, they research, develop and test to provide the best solution to their customers requirements.

The production facilities in Sweden and France guarantee the highest level of performance and competitiveness and benefit from the group's considerable Research and Development resources, enabling them to design and manufacture the best-adapted and most innovative products available in the industry.

All the manufacturing units work in compliance with Quality Assurance systems certified by ISO 9001 and have the environmental standard ISO 14001.  Gamma Hose Limited has been a leading Trelleborg distributor for many years.

Please follow this link if you’re interested in learning more about our range of Trelleborg Hose


The Austrian based Semperit AG is one of the worlds leading rubber companies active in developing, manufacturing and marketing high-quality rubber and plastic products. Founded in 1824, the companies long tradition and expertise in the production of rubber products, together with it’s commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards and dedication to it’s customers requirements all guarantee that Semperit will continue to strengthen it’s position as a global market leader.

Semperflex’s industrial hose division, with manufacturing facilities in Austria, the Czech Republic and Italy, offers a comprehensive range of products covering many applications and with their ISO 9001 approval, product quality and performance is never in question.

Please follow this link if you’re interested in learning more about our range of Semperit Hose.


The Mikalor Group is a Spanish manufacturer specialized in the production of spring steel fasteners. Our core product is our range of hose clamps for flexible hoses, exported to more than 50 countries worldwide. Mikalor hose clips and clamps are manufactured according to DIN 3017, and our production process is certified under ISO 9001. Mikalor was founded in the 1950’s and developed rapidly with the growth SEAT, the Spanish car manufacturer now part of the VW Group. Nowadays, the majority of Mikalor clips and clamps are sold into the hose and rubber sector. In the UK market, Mikalor clips and clamps are extremely well-known, and the heavy-duty Supra clamp is generally considered to be the best Heavy-Duty Super clamp in the market. We have been working with Gamma Hose for over 10 years in the gas sector in the UK and sales have gone from strength to strength. We are proud to supply and support Gamma Hose and congratulate them on the launch of their new website.

Please follow this link if you’re interested in learning more about our range of Mikalor Damesa products

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